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The best gentleman that ever lived: Mahatma Ghandi

von Ladies-and-Gentlemen-Project, Dienstag, 8. März 2011 um 18:02

Mahatma Ghandi

Wanna know why?

was “gentle“ (sanft), not “noble“(ad(e)lig)

wouldn't have (hätte nie Konditionalsatz) killed a fly

never lifted a stone

never raised (erhob) his voice

spoke softly

had common sense and used it instead of violence

was respecful to everyone

was the father of “passive resistance“, that's fighting for your rights without using violence

never gave up in the face of adversity (angesichts von Widrigkeiten, also Schwierigkeiten)

was extremely successful: he overcame (besiegte) the British colonial empire so that India became (wurde!) independent (unabhängig)

 A perfect gentleman, really! Or did you think being a gentleman was about clothes?

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Am/um 27. März 2011 um 23:45 , Blogger Peter Ryan meinte...

A great example!

Can you tell me more about the Ladies and Gentleman Project? (


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